‘It’s going to be kind of noisy, kind of irritating and definitely fun.’ - Trish Walsh from Six_a artist run initiative, in Structural Integrity
I thought a musical was being made. Photo by Shea Bresnehan.
Next Wave is a ‘genre-busting’ arts development organisation for artists aged 18 to 30. We work closely with more than 500 young emerging artists of all disciplines every year, including visual artists, dancers, theatre-makers, musicians and new media artists. Next Wave has a particular interest in artists who work across genres and collaborate to make new art.

Next Wave leads young emerging artists to develop their art practice, secure venues, fundraise market their work, amongst many other things.

Following is a list of the projects, artists and collectives involved in the 2010 Next Wave Festival. Click on the project title to read more about the project and all the artists involved. 


Housed in North Melbourne, Meat Market for the duration of the Festival, Structural Integrity brought 11 artist run initiative together from across Australia and Asia to participate in a World’s Fair-style exhibition and residency project. Jeff Khan and Ulanda Blair (curators).

‘This is an exciting chance to develop the close cultural relationship between Indonsia and Australia at the Next Wave Festival’s biggest and most ambitious engagement with the Asia-Pacific region in its 25-year history’. - Bill Farmer, Australian Ambassador to Indonsesia, in Antata News about Structural Integrity.

Over two days at separate venues The Sports Club Project was a head-on collision of contemporary art and sport. Featuring the work by more than 30 visual and new media artists, performers, dancers, sound artists who created brand-new works which address the social, cultural and architectural environments of these iconic sports clubs. Thea Baumann, Ulanda Blair, Jeff Khan, Kyle Kremerskothen, Joseph O’Farrell (curators). Sports Club 1: Commitment and Sweat = My Personal Best, at the The George Knott Athletics Reserve. Sports Club 2: The Arena, at the The Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) 

Curated by Next Wave associate producer Natalie Cursio, Private Dances was a series of multiple one-on-one dance performances and videos by a new generation of dancers, choreographers and dance film makers at the North Melbourne Meat Meat Market.

Over two nights, Next Wave present two art spectacles on the Melbourne Central shopping centre’s roof. For the first night, Ba Ba Ba International constructed a free-for-all mud bath Jacuzzi. For the second night Next Wave curated a selection of artists’ work into an art evening with a pop-up garden of sculpture, light and performances. Great Heights 1 – Imbroglio City (Unit 1). Great Heights 2 – Floating above shadows, moored beneath clouds.

This project was the culmination of Next Wave Time Lapse, our year-long screening of new screen-based art works by young emerging artists from across Australia on the Big Screen at Federation Square. The UTLMM, ran over three nights at Fed Square, also involved a package of new screen art works by artists from across Asia.

Next Wave’s free workshop and forum and lecture program, featuring artists from the Festival and invited guests and speakers was held at various venues, including the Federation Square’s BMW Edge and the Wheeler Centre.

A mentorship program that grew out of 2008’s Text Camp project. Text Camp 2010 involved emerging arts writers, who critically reviewed or creatively wrote about Festival projects, and emerging producers and editors who put together the print and online versions of the Text Camp Reader, launched as both a print -on-demand book and as an innovative online journal in August 2010.

The beating heart of the 2010 Next Wave Festival, the Festival Club, at 1000 £ Bend, featured a curated selection of DJs, performances and talks, all fueled by the generous support of Nelson beer.

HIGH VIS DANDY. Photo by Sara Savage.

Tape Projects (Kickstart 2009 participants)
Next Wave Festival Club: 1000 £ Bend
Performance installation

Brown Council (Kickstart 2009 participants)
Trades Hall, Level 1

Christina Hayes, Esther Hayes, Rebecca Hayes (Kickstart 2009 participants)
St Mary Star of the Sea Church
Visual art, installation 

Kings ARI, Level 1

Zoë Coombs Marr
Black Box, Arts Centre

Ashley Dyer (Kickstart 2009 participant)
Shed 4, North Wharf Road

Eric Bridgeman
Blindside Gallery 
Visual Art

Alisdair Macindoe (Kickstart 2009 participant)
Arts House, Meat Market

DongWoo Kang
Kings ARI, Level 1
Video installation 

George Egerton-Warburton (Kickstart 2009 participant)
Lamington Drive
Visual art, performance 
The Last Tuesday Society
Witches in Britches Theatre Restaurant

Bennett Miller (Kickstart 2009 participant)
Melbourne Museum Plaza

Paula van Beek & Nicky Fearne
The Seminar Room, City Library
The Reading Room, Fitzroy Town
Slide show, performance

Nicole Breedon (Kickstart 2009 participant)
Various locations in Sutherland Street, Guildford lane, Flanigan Lane and McLean Alley
Visual art 

Safari Team
Birarrung Marr
Video installation

Trevor Flinn (Kickstart 2009 participant)
Kings ARI & 2010 Next Wave Festival Club at 1000 £ Bend
Video installation 

Paschal Daantor Berry & Urban Theatre Projects 
Arts House, North Melbourne Town Hall

Tristan Meecham, Jarrod Factor & Humphrey Ink
City Square
Durational performance

Alex Gibson, Jonathon Hutchinson, Joel Gailer and Michael Meneghetti 
2010 Next Wave Festival Club at 1000 £ Bend
Installation, performance 

Matthew Kneale, Daniel Koerner, Jessica Daly, Zoe Meagher
On the footpath, 81- 85 Collins Street
Installation, performance      

Clare Britton, Matt Prest & Danny Egger
The Arts House, Meat Market
Performance, installation

Yake Weiss
Unnamed Alley off Meyers Place

Jess Olivieri and Hayley Forward with the Parachutes for Ladies (Kickstart 2009 participants) 
Intersection of Lonsdale and Russell streets

Laura Delaney
Orygen Youth Health
Site-specific installation 

Fiona Bryant and Kate Stanley (Kickstart 2009 participants)
Guildford Lane Gallery

Cobie Orger (director) with Alexandra Macdonald, Martin Hansen, Ben Hancock
Donkey Wheel House
Dance, inter-media

Anusha Kenny (curator) with work by Sherry McLane Alejos, Nicholas Waddell  
Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces
Visual art

Sally Hederics, Kim Chalmers & Adam Hobbs
The Big Screen, Federation Square Plaza
Dance Film

Ellen Rijs, Angela Cole & Jeremy Neideck,
Donkey Wheel House
Physical performance 

Elizabeth Dunn, Jessie Hall
TBC art inc
Visual art

Katherine Beckett & Olga Nowicka (Kickstart 2009 participants)
Fitzroy Town Hall

Lecture, forum, workshop and residency program 
Various venues and speakers

Lauren Brincat
Slot 9, Federation Square
Visual arts

Leah Shelton and Lachlan Tetlow-Stuart
Black Box, Arts Centre
Interactive performance

Eddie Sharp & Will Mansfield
Australian Centre for Moving Image 
Theatre, new media

Hannah Raisin (Kickstart 2009 participant)
746 Swanston St, Carlton
Performance Art 

Rachel Feery, Ed Gould and Lisa Stewart (Kickstart 2009 participant)
246a Sydney Road, Brunswick
Multi-sensory, adventure art

Siying Zhou, Rebecca Arbon, Joshua Bonson, Kris Keogh, Catherine McAvoy
Head Quarters, Rear 55 High Street
Visual art

Matthew Day (choreographer; performer), James Brown (composer)
Northcote Town Hall

Victoria Bennett and Clare Rae (curators)
West Space, Level 1
Visual art

Michaela Gleave & Kate Mitchell
City Square, Swanston Street, Birrarung Marr, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art Forecourt, Federation Square Forecourt, State Library of Victoria Front Steps
Visual art, performance

Rob McCredie (director, choreographer) 
Horti Hall, 31 Victoria Street

Various international and Australian artists
Gertrude Contemporary Art 
Visual art 

Nic Dorward, Kieran Swann & Steve Toulmin (Kickstart 2009 participant)
Shed 4, North Wharf Road