Wall Work. Photo by Jasmine Mak.
Next Wave receives support from a range of organisations including major government funders, corporate donors and organisations that assist with in-kind help. Our key organisational funders, Arts Victoria, the City of Melbourne and the Australia Council for the Arts have all ensured that we are set up to work with and assist hundreds of young emerging artists, and to present our major Festival as well as our other large art projects.

These last two years Next Wave’s list of supporters has grown. For the 2010 Next Wave Festival we secured new sponsorships that had a direct impact on the work our artists were able to present. Some of these new partners include Nelson beer, Urban Hotels and the Sofitel and King and Wilson. Next Wave has continued to seek ongoing and major corporate and philanthropic support and this last year we received significant support from the Ian Potter Foundation, Perpetual, the Kier Foundation, the Helen Macpherson Smith Trust and the Angior Family Foundation.

Below is a list of organisations that have helped Next Wave with the mounting of the 2010 Next Wave Festival, and with our various non-Festival activities.

Major Partners
Arts Victoria
City of Melbourne
Australia Council for the Arts

Festival Partners
Sidney Myer Fund
NSW Arts
City of Yarra
Film Vic
Nelson Beer
Ian Potter
Hotel Urban
Australian Indonesia Foundation
Helen Macpherson Smith Trust
Keir Foundation
Angior Family Foundation
Triple J
Tourism Victoria
Third Drawer Down
K. W. Doggett
Arts House
Mr Moto
Event Shop
Federation Square
Humble Vintage
Portable Film Festival
Safety in Numbers

The Festival attracted media interest every day of the Festival, with significant feature articles in The Age and online. The Festival featured in hundreds of media spots, and had a reach of hundreds of thousands of people. featured a Festival project every day of the Festival, and Festival projects were picked up by international media, including the Independent in London and the New York Times. Local media also supported the Festival with community radio and local newspapers across the state all supporting artists’ projects.

Following is a video from the 2010 Next Wave Festival opening night at Arts House, Meat Market. 

Our 2010 Next Wave Festival publicist, Lieth Thomas, reported that Next Wave earned the following media attention:

  • Coverage for every Festival project – each project received some form of editorial support during the Festival
  • The Age newspaper ran seven features and featured almost daily write-ups on shows
  • RRR radio conducted 20 interviews with Festival staff and artists
  • GetCereal TV and radio broadcast The ‘Next Wave Week’ offered excellent and prolonged exposure for the artists and the Festival
  • featured ‘The Daily Wave’ that provided an opportunity to give coverage to many of the artists
  • Getty Images: A Getty photographer covered Dachshund U.N. thus ensuring the project was featured globally, which lead to further, more in-depth coverage for the artist and the Festival
  • ABC Arts gave Next Wave favorable exposure to a national audience through both their new online Arts Gateway and their Art Nation program, Next Wave

Tourism Victoria supported the Festival by paying for a significant interstate advertising campaign; ads for the Festival were bought in Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide and in the national youth magazine Frankie.