The Chicken Stampede. Photo by Jasmine Mak.

‘More than anything else, it’s magical, chaotic and just really good fun’ - Broadsheet Magazine

Our flagship project, the 2010 Next Wave Festival, was a massive hit. Increased audiences, more visitors from interstate, more Festival artists from across Australia, more challenging and risky work unleashed across Melbourne.

2009 and 2010 was a time of growth for Next Wave: more Festival staff, more volunteers, more projects, a new Artistic Director and a new Executive Director. 

In 2009 we launched Next Wave Donate, our first donor program in our 25-year history. Funds raised through donor events and via a promotional campaign meant that major, and popular, Next Wave Festival projects were possible. Daschunds U.N., for example, would not have happened were it not for our donor program. 

In 2009 and 2010 Next Wave secured new partnerships that helped artists make new, challenging and ambitious art work. Nelson beer supported out Festival Club, Urban Hotels and the Sofitel looked after our interstate and international artists, and King & Wilson movers helped artists get their art from across Australia to Melbourne (and back again!).

Next Wave Time Lapse, our year-long series of screenings on Federation Square’s Big Screen by some of Australia’s best young emerging screen-art makers, was the first of its kind in Melbourne. Come on the Scene, our regional touring exhibition with NETS Victoria, took 2008 Next Wave artists’ work to five regional centres across Victoria. Moving Galleries partnered with Next Wave to get Next Wave artists’ work on to Melbourne trains. Text Camp 2010, our critical and creative writing and editing program, was our first foray into the world of online and print-on-demand publishing.